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Swimming Pool Repair and Services

RONS Enviro Care can carry out surveys and repairs without draining the pool. Therefore, there is no downtime and associated costs such as draining, refilling, and chemical replacement.


A RONS dive team is composed of experienced and certified divers who are capable of performing the job quickly and efficiently. They are all equipped with high-tech diving equipment, making them safe and able to handle the job accurately.

Underwater Survey and Inspection

​Surveys we offer include the following, but we are also able to tailor them to suit your pools’ individual needs.

Underwater Condition Survey:

•Inlet and outlet inspections and conformity tests.

•Inspections of fixtures, ladders, steps and handrails

•Condition of all tiling, grouting, expansion joints & drainage

•Inspection of deck level tiling, expansion joints, fixtures, and fittings

Underwater tile tap test:

•Includes investigation into tile adhesion. We offer comprehensive pool repair and restoration services, including full retile and re-grouting. Our goal is to have satisfied and happy customers. We promise to provide an honest and thorough service at a reasonable cost.

Underwater Tiling Works

There are many reasons why swimming pool floor tiles can fail or become damaged. However, broken tiles can present a serious Health and Safety risk once exposed. In addition, the razor-sharp edges can inflict injury to pool users, especially their feet.


RONS Enviro Care can repair any area of swimming pool tiles underwater, from a single tile to vast locations throughout the pool. We can do this work without the costly requirement for you to close or drain your pool. The repair work can even be conducted overnight to maintain your service to your customers and minimize disruption.

Underwater Grouting Works

Regular maintenance of all aspects of your pool is a significant investment, as early intervention can prevent minor issues from developing into large, costly ones. One area where this is particularly true is swimming pool grout. RONS notices grouting issues, many of which have been left untended, and the resultant repair work needed has been extensive as a result.


The first signs of grout loss may be in heavy use, such as the shallow end or around steps and finger grip tiles. If left untended, there are several consequences. Exposed tile edges may result in cutting hazards, and extensive grout loss can lead to deeper-seated problems. Grout protects the tile adhesive and the screed beneath from the corrosive nature of swimming pool chemicals. Water ingress can cause the tiles and also causes screed and render degradation – which effectively removes the tiles' foundation, causing instability and cracking.

Pool Grilles

Single sump pools are hazardous. For example, if a person were to lay over the outlet, they could suck onto it, at which point a vacuum would form. This vacuum would be tough to break and could easily drown the person.

Swimming pools need to have at least two outlets to prevent a fatality from happening. The sumps should be around 2 meters apart, and this should be a sufficient distance apart to ensure no single person can block them. 

An additional danger with single sump swimming pools is entanglement. A single sump can form a vortex due to high flow rates. If hair is sucked into this vortex through the grille, it will become entangled and knotted, trapping the person below the water.

Anti-vortex grilles can be fitted by RONS to sump outlets to help ensure entrapment and entanglement do not occur.

If the grilles are damaged or broken, they can present a mechanical entrapment risk. For example, if a swimmer gets their clothing caught on the grille, they may not be able to free themselves.

If any grilles fail the conformity tests, RONS can fit specially designed anti-vortex grilles that prevent entrapment through suction or entanglement. Our divers can work these quickly, enabling your pool to be made safe without affecting the flow rates of your plant room filtration equipment.

Miscellaneous Pool Works

RONS specializes in diving survey, repair, and maintenance and provides upgrades to commercial and private swimming pools without the expense and possible damage caused by draining.


Other benefits of underwater maintenance include:

  • Less or no pool downtime

  • Less disruption

  • Less cost (heating, chemicals, water)

Our daytime or overnight/out-of-hours service ensures we carry out the work when it is most convenient for you and your clients, and our rapid response means we can respond to emergencies and get your pool back up and running.

RONS has technicians, and specialists running through the UAE, notably in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Al Ain. Get in touch with a member of our team now to discuss your requirements.

Our service is available around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.​ Call us now at 800-7667 to avail the free quotation.

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