Sewage and Sump Pit Tank Cleaning

Sump Pit Tank

RONS FM has recently acquired two (2) multi-function combination truck unit, which is the first of their kind to be used for commercial purposes in Dubai with efficient applications for drain line jetting. The primary application of this state-of-the-art equipment focuses on high-pressure drain line jetting and blockage removal, specifically on the infrastructure drainage network where the varying diameter of the drainage pipes is utilized to serve voluminous usage in the community. The accumulation of sludge within the network may result in a blockage that is impossible to clear with a traditional jetting machine. Therefore, in conjunction with the selection of specialized jetting nozzles, the combination truck would be the right solution.

The combination truck unit is also perfect equipment to clear heavily accumulated sludge from the infrastructure sewage holding tank, lifting station/sump pits, and irrigation water holding tank. Removing a high accumulation of sludge is a crucial task that requires highly competitive operatives and equipment.

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