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Grease Trap

Grease Trap Cleaning

Technicians doing grease trap cleaning

Grease Trap acts as a filter to remove fats and oils from water before entering the municipal waste system. Since fats and oils can clog a sewer system, using a grease trap ensures that the sewer system runs smoothly.

A grease trap looks like a large box or barrel spliced into the water drainage line. When the water enters the grease trap, it cools down, allowing the lighter oil to precipitate out to the top. A series of baffles in the grease trap collect oil and chunks of material while the water sinks to the bottom. An exit pipe at the base of the grease trap allows the treated water to flow out while the grease remains enclosed on top.

​Why Grease Trap is cleaned?

A grease trap will lose efficiency if it is not cleaned regularly. It is possible for the grease trap to clog eventually, resulting in water backups into the kitchen. To ensure that the grease trap operates at peak efficiency, a cleaning rotation and log are usually maintained. In addition, health inspectors may periodically inspect the grease trap to ensure that it works properly and that all water in the establishment is treated before draining into the sewer. 

​How RONS can help you?

  • Removal, cleaning, and disposal of grease, wastewater, and solidified elements from the grease trap

  • Providing the grease trap dosing system helps slow down and stop clogging

  • Hazardous Waste Water Disposal

  • Installation, maintenance and supply of grease traps equipment

  • Assessment of your business on going issue​

Sample before and after photos.

Picture of grease trap before cleaning


Picture of grease trap after cleaning


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